Quality not Quantity We are not about cookie cutter workouts, we're about people. Random chaotic, one-size-fits-all workouts without direction won't help you reach your goal. For every member we have a specific roadmap!

We all know that eating healthy is a big part of any fitness goal.  The problem is that almost everyone believes that eating healthy means eating bland, tasteless food, being constantly starved of delicious and nutritious calories, or spending tons of time and money on complicated, elitist meal systems.  At AHM we don’t feel this is true at all. Our Nutrition Program has two main focuses:

1.  To get you the most amazing results in the least amount of time.

2.  To get you to easily maintain those results in a pragmatic and realistic fashion.


Our approach is not going to have you eating nothing but cabbage for 48 hours, or cutting carbs completely out of your diet.  Our goal is to help you create a program that will get you in the habit of selecting the healthiest meal choices for your specific body type, but at the same time revving up your metabolism and have you really enjoying life, and yes, even food again!!


We offer a few main services in the way of nutrition:


1.  Rapid Fat Flush Meal Plan.

This meal plan is the staple of our nutritional program and is extremely thorough.  The plan itself has everything from a month’s worth of meals that are designed to be quick and easy to make (as well as filling and delicious), a shopping list to help you quickly identify and purchase the most beneficial foods at the store, and a guide to dining out at every possible genre of restaurant cuisines, along with multiple pages of our favorite healthy eating tips and tricks.  We help personalize this meal plan to your specific preferences.

3.  One-on-One Nutritional Consulting.

Nutritional Consulting is the equivalent of having a personal coach who works solely on designing your personal nutritional profile.  These nutritional consultations are designed around you as a unique individual.  If you have questions such as “What types of food are best for my body type?”, or “What should I eat after a cardio vs strength workout?”, these consultations are meant to not only encourage and motivate you to eat better, but also to educate you on the wonderful benefits of delicious, healthy food options.  Each session is typically 20-30 minutes and can cover any nutritional topic you choose.  If you’re serious about wanting to stop wasting time consuming useless, fattening calories and start maximizing your meal efficiency while at the same time packing on muscle, these consultations are a must!!.  We offer these over the phone as well so as to help accommodate everyone’s busy schedule.


If you are interested in any of our Nutrition Products, or have any questions, please email




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